Volunteer Jobs

We are looking for people to volunteer their time for the following...

✔️ Retail sales
✔️ Administration
✔️ Answering phone and 'manning' the centre

We need friendly, dedicated people who are happy to join our team and commit to volunteering their time regularly one or more days each week.

This could suit someone who wants to learn new skills or would like to get back into the workforce or maybe you are someone with a disability who would like to get out into the community, gain confidence and be part of a passionate team of caring people and help others. Experience is the greatest teacher and if you live with a disability/chronic health condition you have empathy for others.


We are looking to start up some social gatherings for members of our community that have disabilities.  As part of this we would like to do creative workshops and are looking for people who have any sort of creative talent that they could teach to small groups.  It may be something like knitting, crochet, painting, card making etc.  We need people who can commit to volunteering their time during the day.  It could be a one off or a regular event.  Interested in talking to anyone that may be able to help.

So, if you have any of these skills and you have a passion for making a difference in people’s lives, please contact us on 07 8687723 or 0273831117

We are an organisation with a passion for supporting and empowering people to know their rights and assist with navigating systems in the Health & Disability, Social Service and Employment sectors.

Our services include: Support and Advocacy for WINZ & Health & Disability; Social gatherings and networks; Advocacy training Workshops; A Showroom Mobility Equipment & Daily Living Aids and other products for sale and hire.